Continuing Education Means Progress

BBQ | Weiterbilden Weiterkommen

Since 1998 BBQ has been offering publicly financed continuing education and retraining courses for those seeking work and for military personnel. In recent years, BBQ has also successfully offered courses leading to professional certification for mature students. The goal of our participants is always to swiftly find a new and engaging job with their accredited professional certification. Currently BBQ operates branches in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Cologne.



Increasing your Chances on the Job Market

The certificates you can obtain at Baumann Bildung & Qualifizierung (BBQ) are all recognized and accredited nationally. To this end, we operate our own Examination Center. The certificates significantly increase your chances of obtaining a new job. And the success of our educational courses speaks for itself: 95% of our participants complete their course work, and four out of five graduates quickly find a position in their corresponding professional field. Retraining and continuing education from our broad portfolio of courses thus significantly increase your market value and your chances of finding a new job!


A Variety of Courses on Offer for Those Seeking Work

We offer all our courses to anyone who would like to add further qualifications to their existing professional education or who, while they are unemployed, would like to move into a new professional field. Our continuing educational courses add genuine value to your portfolio by increasing your competence in your field and your opportunities for a new job. For those unemployed who have obtained an educational voucher from the Job Center, the participation in our courses is free. And the certificates are recognized as genuine proof of qualification in fields in which you can then earn a living. At our Website you can find more information regarding current courses with certificates accredited by the German Chamber of Industry and Trade, and regarding which type of qualification would best suit your professional interests.



Get to know us – online or in person!

You will find a basic overview of the continuing educational courses, professional certificates and types of retraining we are currently offering at our website, with all other requisite information. If you have a particular interest in one of our programs, don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to send you information and materials. We are also happy to answer your questions directly at one of our branches in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf: Just call us on our telephone hotline! Today more than ever, your professional success does not depend upon chance. Retraining with Chamber of Commerce certificates and continuing education with branch-wide accredited qualifications will put you on the path to success. With our experience and our wide range of courses, we can help you to acquire additional competence and to find new employment on the job market. Take your future into your own hands! And count on us to help you!