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  • individual coaching sessions
  • competence-based approach

You will find other courses in:

Integration Courses at BBQ in Cologne are for refugees and immigrants with a resident permit or a temporary resident permit, as well as for German nationals with insufficient knowledge of the German language (for example, for persons of German descent emigrating from Eastern Europe). The courses provide these people with the basic knowledge they need for their new start in Germany. In addition to the General Integration Courses, the programme at BBQ also offers a broad selection of courses for specific groups of people, such as families, youths up to the age of 27, and those who are illiterate.

Integration Courses, with 600 hours of in-class German language instruction, will give you a sound knowledge of German, corresponding to the level B1. In the second part of the course, with 60 hours of instruction, you will receive an orientation in our state structures. The language lessons are adapted to the specific situation of refugees, immigrants, and German nationals from Eastern Europe. You will learn the language based upon themes from day-to-day life: making friends with German neighbours, shopping, visiting the civil authorities or your doctor, looking for an apartment or a job, and supporting your children at school or in kindergarten. The language course concludes with the “German Test for Immigrants” (DTZ).

In the orientation course, you will learn about German culture and history, as well as about the German legal system, the constitution, and the political system in Germany. The orientation course concludes with a test on “Life in Germany”.  When you have passed both these tests, you will receive the “Integration Course Certificate”, which will allow you to apply for German citizenship in just seven years, instead of eight.

Please choose the Integration Course you would like to take!

General Integration Course in Cologne

Refugees and immigrants from non-European countries have to fulfil the requirements in order to obtain the status of a permanent resident in Germany. In particular, they have to demonstrate a satisfactory comprehension of the German language as well as basic knowledge of the culture, the society, and the laws of Germany. Those who successfully pass the integration course in Cologne will fulfil all these requirements. [more...]

Start: 10.05.2019      Only a few places available

Integration course including literacy in Cologne

You have arrived in Germany and want to learn the German language as soon as possible? Thus the integration course including literacy in Cologne offered by the BBQ will be perfect for you. According to the standards of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) you will learn all you need to communicate in German. [more...]

Start: soon      Only a few places available

Integration course for youth in Cologne

You are under the age of 27 and have an interest in making an education or finding a proper job in Germany? You are highly motivated and willing to learn but you need the initial help? If so, the BBQ is a perfect choice for you. The integration course for youth in Cologne enables you to learn German in a very short time and gives you an opportunity to find a professional training or a job. [more...]

Start: soon      Only a few places available


Individual Coaching 

Once you have completed the Integration Course, BBQ Baumann Bildung & Qualifizierung in Cologne will also help you, in individual coaching, to find your place in the German labour market. 

Experienced coaches will determine your professional knowledge and skills as well as your personal strengths, and will develop a strategy for your career based upon this assessment. They will advise you on how to acquire recognition for the professional qualifications you obtained in your country of origin, and they will also support your search for an educational programme, an internship, or a job. Finally, they will also help you to compose your job applications and to prepare for job interviews. 

Determining your Specialisation 

The results of the individual coaching will help to determine your specialisation, to select the specific qualifications you will need, and to suggest appropriate educational programmes. Our experienced and well-educated instructors assess your needs on the basis of: 

  • Analysis and documentation
  • An oral and written test
  • A feedback dialogue. 

You will thus know where gaps in your knowledge may exist, and you will receive detailed suggestions on how to complement and round out your qualifications. 

Continuing Education / Retraining / Additional Qualifications 

BBQ will continue to support your career even after you have found your first job in Germany. Our programme at BBQ in Cologne has continuing educational courses in several special areas that will allow you to find more interesting and better-paid jobs. With additional qualifications and retraining, you will acquire recognised certifications for attractive and innovative professions. 

In all our courses, BBQ offers you professional education at the highest level. The educational programmes are adapted to the current demand on the labour market in Cologne. The content of the programmes is continuously revised to meet the expectations of local employers. In addition to the specialist knowledge required, the instructors will also teach you the comprehensive German vocabulary you will need for your future career activities. 

Take advantage of our educational programmes—free of charge! 

The Cologne branch of BBQ has obtained AZAV certification. It is thus allowed to accept educational vouchers as well as “activation and placement vouchers” from the Employment Agency or Job Center. This means that the educational programmes are directly covered by the Employment Agency. You don’t pay a thing! 

So talk to our contact people at BBQ and discuss with them your professional plans! Our staff will offer you non-obligating suggestions on how to optimise your path towards your career goals. We’re just a call away!