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  • individual coaching sessions
  • competence-based approach

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BBQ’s integration courses in Düsseldorf are for refugees and immigrants who have a resident permit (Aufenthaltstitel) or a temporary resident permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung/Duldung). German citizens with insufficient knowledge of the German language—for example, persons of German descent emigrating from Eastern Europe—may also participate in these courses. 

In these language and orientation courses with a total of 660 hours of in-class instruction, you will lay the foundation for your successful integration into German society. In the first part of the course, you will receive 600 hours of German lessons and acquire the language proficiency of level B1. With this level, you will be able to deal with day-to-day life and to make friends with your new fellow citizens. You will also be able to cope with the civil administration, to fill out forms, to look for work, and to support your children as they adapt to their schools. In 60 hours of in-class lessons, the ensuing orientation course will acquaint you with your new home. You will learn the basics of the German legal system as well as the culture and the history of the country. 

In addition to the general Integration Course, the programme offered at BBQ in Düsseldorf also features special courses for parents or for women, as well as for youths up to the age of 27, and for those who are illiterate. 

At the end of the language course, you will take the exam entitled “German for Immigrants” (DTZ). The exam “Life in Germany” at the end of the orientation course will test, among other things, your knowledge of the values expressed in the German constitution and the political system in Germany. 

Once you have passed both these tests, you will receive the “Integration Course Certificate”. With this certificate, you can obtain the citizenship of the Federal Republic of Germany in just seven years (instead of eight).

Please choose the Integration Course you want to take!

General Integration Course in Düsseldorf

If you have just arrived in Düsseldorf, or live near the city, and are looking for the best way to integrate into your new surroundings, both socially and professionally, then this General Integration Course offers the ideal opportunity for you to build your future here in the Federal Republic of Germany. The course will teach you the essentials of the German language, both spoken and written, in 660 hours of lessons.  [more...]

Start: 11.02.2019      Only a few places available

Individual Coaching 

Upon completion of the Integration Course you will have established the basis for your life in Germany. For your next step—the integration into the German labour market—BBQ Baumann Bildung & Qualifizierung offers you the support of experienced and competent coaches. Your personal coach will first determine your present professional qualifications as well as your personal strengths, and will then develop a strategy for your career development.

Based on your needs, the ensuing coaching-process will assist you by: 

  • Advising you on how to obtain recognition for your professional training,
  • Helping you to obtain professional qualifications that will facilitate your integration into the German labour market,
  • Supporting your search for an education programme, an internship, or a job,
  • Helping you to write and organize your applications,
  • Preparing you for future job interviews. 

Determining your Specialization 

If, during your individual coaching, further training appears desirable, the instructors and coaches at BBQ will determine your specialization and the qualifications your still require. This involves: 

  • Analysis and documentation
  • An oral and written test
  • A final “feedback” discussion. 

Your background knowledge and skills will be examined, the relevant gaps in your training will be determined, and a tailor-made programme of training will be developed for you. 

Continuing Education / Retraining / Additional Qualifications 

After you have started working in Germany, BBQ will accompany you throughout your career. Your contact person at our branch in Düsseldorf will advise you in your search for optimal continuing educational programmes, retraining, or additional qualifications that match your personal and professional goals. 

The educational courses at BBQ are continuously adapted to the demand of the labour market in Düsseldorf. You will thus acquire the competence that will further your career. In addition, BBQ coaches will improve your knowledge of German in your profession, thus improving your linguistic competence. 

Take advantage of our educational programmes—free of charge! 

Thanks to our AZAV certification as an educational institution, BBQ may accept educational vouchers for educational programmes as well as activation or placement vouchers (AVGS-MPAV) from the Employment Agency. 

Learn more about your prospects on the German labour market! Make an appointment for a non-obligating consultation with our BBQ team in Düsseldorf!


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