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The integration in Germany is hard for you because you have not acquired an adequate level of literacy? BBQ will help you to be more independent in everyday – life and increase your work possibilities. Attending the integration course including literacy skills in Düsseldorf fully complying with the requirements of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) the German language will no longer be an insurmountable obstacle for you.

Focus and objectives

Without sufficient language skills your chances of finding a work or participating in society are not quite good. For this reason “newcomers”   who cannot communicate verbally  in German are mostly obligated to participate in an integration course including literacy. Thereby you learn speaking German and find out how to participate in social life. You no longer have to be afraid of not being understood when you go shopping or deal with state authorities. Thanks to the reading and writing skills you acquired your chances to remain in Germany permanently will also increase. In an orientation course you learn additionally all interesting facts about German culture, legal system and history.

Target group 

Entitled to participation in this course are new immigrants, late emigrants and also immigrants who have been living in Germany for a long time. The integration course including literacy skills addresses in particular those who do not know the Latin alphabet und who want to learn writing and reading for the first time. The participation in this course in Düsseldorf is even possible if you do not speak your native language very well and never attended a school in your home country. Irrespective of your language skills the course will help you to communicate in German without feelings of fear and shame. 

Duration of the course and support options 

When granting the first residence permit the Foreigners` Registration Office examine the necessity for an integration course and issue an obligation or entitlement for participation in an integration course. Hereafter you are allowed to choose an integration course provider and start with the course. This course comprises 600 hours preceded by 300 hours extra by attending an integration course including literacy skills. At the end of the course there will be an orientation course lasting 60 hours. The language course consists of several modules of 100 hours each. Before the course begins a placement test is held by the BBQ to ascertain the linguistic skills and to find the appropriate starting level for you. Afterwards will be decided which starting module (1 – 9) is the right one for you. The costs for your integration course will be almost entirely borne by the German state. Having a relevant certificate of eligibility you only have to pay € 1,55  towards each teaching hour. This course fee will be charged by the BBQ before the beginning of the course. Recipients of unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) and social welfare can be exempted from the contribution upon request. The course has a term of 48 weeks including 9 language course modules of 100 hours each and the orientation course of 4 units a day. If you need more time to learn the German language you can take a maximum of 300 units extra.


The literacy course consists of a basic course (basic literacy course), an advanced course A (advanced literacy course A) and an advanced course B (advanced literacy course B) 300 units each. The aim is that at the end of the integration course you will be able to pass the German Test for Immigrants (Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer, DTZ) which comprises the European language levels A2 and B1 and the test “Life in Germany” (“Leben in Deutschland”, LiD). The contents are:

Basic literacy course:

Our teachers provide at this point the basic knowledge of literacy skills and German language. Focus is also producing of educational materials, reading the script, developing of an individual handwriting, phonetic values, different text types, phrases and media competence.

Advanced literacy course A:

Main issue is to build up sight and written vocabulary. You learn more about technical terms, grammar, learning strategies and learning techniques and also more attention to oral skills will be paid. Furthermore you learn how to interpret tables, use punctuation marks, speak about photographs and pictures, translate and how to work with audio texts.

Advanced literacy course B:

At this point we will impart to our participants the knowledge of Germany and its culture and of intercultural competencies. Furthermore self – directed learning will be promoted, dealing with different learning methods will be taught and communicative skills will be deepened. The focus here is also planning, creating and evaluating of your own learning methods.

Advantages offered by BBQ 

You learn in small groups (up to 12 people) so you can expect more individual support.

Because we provide a wide range of courses after finishing the literacy course you can change into another integration course.

Our teachers are specially trained to teach literacy skills and have a long term experience.

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