The General Integration Courses are specifically designed for refugees who have at least obtained a temporary resident permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung, Duldung, or Fiktionsbescheinigung). Participants may apply for financing to BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees). Refugees who have already obtained a resident status may apply for financing to their local Foreigners Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde). Of course, other immigrants and persons of German origin emigrating from Eastern Europe who do not have a satisfactory command of the German language are also welcome to participate.

Language and Orientation Course: An Overview

For those just beginning to study the German language, the Integration Course consists of a language programme and an orientation course with a total of 660 hours of lessons. More precisely: there are 600 hours of language lessons and 60 hours of lessons on orientation in Germany. In the language course, the participants will learn how to communicate better, to support their children in school, and to fill out applications and look for work. In the orientation course, the participants will learn what they need to know about German laws, German culture and German history.

A preliminary test before the Integration Course will help to determine whether those interested can reduce the number of hours of instruction due to their pre-existing knowledge of German. These assessment tests are conducted by our BAMF-certified staff members.

The following picture illustrates how this works.

Graphic BAMF courses english

Two final Exams and Fluency at a B1 Level

The Integration Course concludes with two final exams: the test on “Life in Germany” (LiD) and the “German Test for Immigrants” (DTZ). Typical questions in the test on “Life in Germany” deal with the values of the German Constitution and laws, and with the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ideally, the graduates of the 660-hour course will demonstrate, in the final German Test for Immigrants (DTZ), a linguistic fluency on the level of B1 according to the “General European Reference Framework” (GER).

Those who acquire the final certificate of the Integration Course can speed up the process of naturalisation in Germany.

In addition to the General Integration Course, there are other specific language programmes that are financed by BAMF: courses for youths up to the age of 27, courses for parents, and courses for women. They have the same goals as the General Integration Course. The final exams are the same, but the Integration Course for youths is longer, with 900 hours of instruction in the German language in addition to the orientation course. Moreover, at some of its locations, BBQ also offers remedial reading programmes for illiterate people.

Individual Coaching—simultaneously or following the course.

Those who are currently participating in an Integration Course, and those who have completed one, usually also want to take further steps in order to ensure that their integration into the German labour market succeeds.

We at BBQ strongly suggest that you take advantage of our individual coaching to get some advice. Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches help by first establishing the strengths and competence of our participants. The analysis of these results helps to develop a strategy with the goal of taking the best measures for your professional career.

To this end, we have divided our coaching services into five different modules. We also specifically address the concerns of two groups: those looking for work who have a good working knowledge of German; and refugees with less knowledge of German.

We are also glad to help you with your applications for work; and we help you prepare for job interviews!

Our coaches are also experts in:

  • Helping to obtain recognition for the professional qualifications you have,
  • Supporting you in your search for an internship, for a training programme or a job,
  • Helping you to find continuing educational courses, additional certifications, or retraining.

Financial Support

Our coaching service is financially supported on an individual basis with a voucher from the Job Center (AVGS, or Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein); it is also supported by the team at the Federal Employment Agency working on the “Labour-market integration of asylum seekers”.

Note: An application already during the Integration Course may be advisable. The coaching can then take place on selected days in addition to the German course, since the German course runs only during half-days for four hours per day.

Give us a call and make an appointment today for a non-obligating consultation.