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Are you not older than 27 and would like to get to know the German language and culture? The integration course for youth in Berlin-Wedding helps you to improve your language skills and get along with the new society. At the same time we prepare you for an independent life in Germany.

Target group

The integration course for youth is addressed to young immigrants without sufficient language skills who no longer have a compulsory school attendance and would like to find an internship or employment in Germany. The course is suitable for you even if you received a recommendation from the youth migration service. Furthermore, the participation in the course can be suggested to you by the course providers during the classification procedure. The integration course should be the norm for youth who are not older than 23.

Our goals

During the course you will receive comprehensive information about the structure and function of the German education system. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the training offers in the future so that you can quickly complete your graduation process and begin the trainng course. The integration course for youth in Berlin-Wedding increases your chances to successfully step in the working life. You can improve your opportunieties to integrate with the German society on a long term or even feel here like you were in your homeland.


The integration training course for youth in Berlin-Wedding consists of a language course as well as an orientation course. During the language course we deal with the important topics from the daily life, for example: media, health, free time and shopping. The topics from the field of educaton and occupation are the main emphasis of the course. You can learn how to telephone, write e-mails or letters,read newspapers or even deal with electronic data processing,all with the support of our experienced teachers. In order to improve your language skills, the lecturers fall back on a large spectrum of communicative exercises like discussions, role play or dialogue training. Selective study trips and journeys help you to use your new linguistic talents in the field. Furthermore, during the integration course for youth in Berlin-Wedding the technical terms from the range of geography, economics, society studies, natural sciences, mathematics and foreign languages are introduced.

Duration and funding possibilities

The integration course for youth in Berlin-Wedding consists of 900-hour language course that is made of nine modules and leads to the acquisition of the B1 language level. The whole course contains: basic language course (300 hours), advanced language course (300 hours), professional orientation (100 hours), operational internship (100 hours) and test preparation (100 hours). Additionally, the language course contains the 60-hour orientation course where you con get an important knowledge about German culture, history, legal order or values such as freedom of religion and equal rights. We organise the mandatory achievement tests at the end of basic and advanced course, we also regurally organise the language tests for each course in order to the participants can accustom to the regular efficiency checks which occur at school or internships. The eighth part of the course, the internship, gives you an opportunity to get to know potential employers. The course ends with the German Test for Immigrants “Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer“ (DTZ) as well as with the naturalization exam “Leben in Deutschland” (LiD). The integration course for youth in Berlin-Wedding lasts 48 weeks and you have daily 4 lessons. Your own contribution to the course is only 1,55 euro per lesson according to the subscription warrant. The fee is paid before the beginning of course directly in BBQ.  As a recipient of social welfare assistance and unemployment pay (II), you can be able to be released from the costs.

Advantages of BBQ

  • You learn in the small groups (max. 20 people) with the same-aged people and you are treated individually
  • During the lessons we put a main emphasis on the topics important to youth.
  • Team-teaching gives you an opportunity to have a feedback from 2 lecturers.
  • You become acquainted with advisory packages that help you with the planning of your future career.
  • During your practice phase you will be introduced to employers and educational institutions.
  • We can refer to a large network of advisory centres, youth migration service, educational institutions and local companies.
  • Our teachers possess a special technical training and have a long experience


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