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  • individual coaching sessions
  • competence-based approach

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Our Integration Courses are offered to: 

  • Those who are refugees or immigrants with a residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) or a temporary resident permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung / Duldung), or
  • Those who are German citizens and who lack sufficient knowledge of the German language, as, for example, persons of German descent who have emigrated from Eastern Europe. 

The Integration Courses at BBQ in Hamburg offer you help in establishing a foundation for your life in Germany. The programmes include both General Integration Courses as well as special courses for certain groups of participants, such as youths up to the age of 27, women, parents, and those who are illiterate. Each Integration Course consists of 600 hours of in-class instruction in the German language and an orientation course of 60 hours of instruction. 

In the language course, you will acquire the basics of the German language corresponding to the level of B1. Your teacher will prepare you to face typical daily situations: how to make friends with your German neighbours, how to look for an apartment and a job, and how to deal with civil authorities and visit your doctor. You will also learn the vocabulary you need for shopping and for supporting your children as they adapt to their new schools. At the end of the language course, you will take the exam “German for Immigrants” (DTZ). 

In the Orientation Course, you will become familiar with the German legal system, with our constitution, and with the German political system, as well as with our history and culture. The Orientation Course concludes with an exam entitled “Life in Germany”. Once you have successfully passed these tests, you will receive the “Integration Course Certificate”. This certificate shortens the waiting period for citizenship from eight to seven years.

Please choose the Integration course you wish to take!

General Integration Course in Hamburg

If you are new in Germany and are currently living in Hamburg, it’s important for you to learn the German language (unless, of course, you already know it). BBQ in Hamburg is now offering an appropriate Integration Course for immigrants and refugees. 

The costs for the Integration Course in Hamburg may be covered by the Job Center, if they have sent you to the course; alternatively, you can apply to them for financing. You must, however, have a temporary resident permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung). Those interested who have a resident permit (Aufenthaltstitel) should apply directly to their local Foreigners Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde).


Start: soon      Only a few places available

Integration course for youth in Hamburg

You came to Germany as a teenager and want to prepare yourself for the school education or the vocational training? If so, the BBQ is a perfect choice for you. During the course you will possess the linguistic skills that enable you the quick entry into the German education system and the job market. [more...]

Start: 20.02.2019      Only a few places available

Integration course including literacy skills in Hamburg

Do you have problems with the German language? Or is it difficult for you to write and understand German texts? In this case BBQ has the right offer for you ! By attending the integration course including literacy in Hamburg already proven effective many times, you will acquire an extensive vocabulary which makes your communication in German easy and also fulfills the requirements of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). [more...]

Start: 12.02.2019      Only a few places available

Individual Coaching 

After successfully completing the Integration Course, you can prepare yourself for entering the German labour market. BBQ Baumann Bildung & Qualifizierung in Hamburg will support you in this important step with their intensive coaching. 

Experienced and well-educated coaches will first determine your personal competence and specialist knowledge. On the basis of this profile, they will: 

  • Advise you on how to receive recognition for the professional qualifications you acquired in your country of origin,
  • Help you to find appropriate qualification programmes,
  • Support you as you compose you job applications and resumes, and prepare for job interviews,
  • Help you to find an internship, an educational programme, or a job. 

Determining your Specialisation 

When determining your specialisation, the instructors at BBQ in Hamburg rely on the results of our individual coaching. 

To this end, they review: 

  • Analysis and documentation
  • Oral and written tests
  • A feedback conversation


This allows them to ascertain your specific specialisation and competence and to recommend the qualifications you need, and thus to determine the training you still have to acquire. 

Continuing Education / Retraining / Additional Qualifications 

BBQ supports your career development even after you have begun to work in Germany. The programmes at BBQ in Hamburg offer you continuing educational courses in several specialist areas as well as numerous opportunities to acquire additional qualifications and retraining with recognised certification. All courses and programmes are continuously adapted to the demands of the labour market in Hamburg. Experienced and highly qualified instructors will teach you the knowledge your employers will expect from you, and they will support you as you develop your vocabulary for the field in which you work. 

▶ Take advantage of our educational programmes - free of charge! 

Our Hamburg branch at BBQ has obtained AZAV certification, which allows us to accept vouchers from the Employment Agency and the Job Center that finance educational programmes. Thus, the costs for our courses can be covered directly with an educational voucher (Bildungsgutschein) or an “activation and placement voucher” (AVGS-MPAV). 

Your contact person in Hamburg will advise you on how best to plan your future career. Just call us and make an appointment for a non-obligating consultation!